Branding + advertising

Please browse a few samples of our work and some of the clients we have had the pleasure to work with

React Energy Plus

Health Suplements Pharmaceutical

Complete branding and collateral material developed for a health supplement line.

1. Web presence 2. E-commerce Solutions3. Branding and collaterals4. Packaging and label design

React energy plus is part of a health supplement line for athletes designed to increase endurance and aid in recovery time. React' formula emphasizes the use of potent natural herbs and antioxidants; therefore, the connection with nature was a key element in this design.

For this client we used a warm picture of a quiet sunrise at the beach as a way to represent a connection with nature and wellbeing. Other products of this line follow the same design parameters using earth elements like fire and water to connect with the properties of each product.

Unnique Haircare Systems

Beauty Chemistry

Complete branding and collateral material developed for a beauty line specialized in hair care treatments.

1. Web presence 2. Promotional video piece3. Packaging and label design4. Branding and logos4. Print and collaterals

Unnique Hair care systems offer a wide variety of products for the treatment and health of chemically treated hair including "keratin" a treatment used to straighten unruly frizzy hair.

We approached this client with a fresh and clean design, they offered three main treatment lines: original, amino and advance, each one of these lines preserved the same overall design however we used a color coded theme including subtle background graphics to differentiate the lines from each other. Each hair care system comes with different products intended to be used in certain order, by numbering the products we improve the user experience and add another design element that complements the design scheme.

Mike Butler Photography

Architectural Photography

We branded and managed the PR for Mike Butler Photography using an extensive web presence and diverse marketing tools to increase brand exposure.

1. Logo Design 2. Business Identity 3. ipad touch-screen integration 4. iphone and mobile integration 5. Web Design consulting 6. PR Management

Mike Butler Photography is one of the most comprehensive client study cases we have. Having had designed the entirety of his image from scratch we had the opportunity to venture in so many diverse marketing strategies and projects including the strategic management of a monumental Photo shoot overseas.

Taking into consideration that Mike is mainly an architectural photographer we started with a simple and modern logo with a theme of colors that stays distant from the traditional "camera eye" allusions and focuses on a play of squares forming a virtual structure. We also designed translucent business cards using holographic inks and reinforced Mike's presence on the web by supervising the web design process and integrating custom ipad and iphone mobile integrations.

Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation

Non-profit organization

Complete branding and collateral material developed for a non-profit organization based on educational quizzes..

1. Web presence 2. Database integration, profile creation, ratings and online quizes 3. Print and collaterals4. Logo development5. Study cards

Common knowledge scholarship foundation is a non-profit organization aimed to provide scholarships to students based on general culture quizzes. For this client we started by designing a clean and contemporary logo that combines the concept of the question mark, graduation cap and a light bulb in one solid graphic idea.

The website was designed with a built in quiz and score integration including a custom student profile accessible trough an individual username and password. Trough this system the student is able to apply review and find results for the quizzes he applied for, other materials developed for CKSF include: flyers, brochures presentation cards and custom graphic pieces.

The Elastic Mind Project

Non-profit organization

Complete branding and collateral material developed for a non rofit organization based on science art and technology for the youth.

1. Web presence and database 2. Video production 3. Banners 4. Promotional flyers 5. Magazine advertising 6. Event invitation 7. Logo for event 8. Promotional brochure 9. Facebook flyers 10. Business cards and stationery

The Elastic Mind Project is a non-profit organization that provides educational programs to underprivileged kids living in the outskirts of Bogota Colombia. We have developed all the graphic concepts for EMP from scratch, starting with the logo, website, marketing, diverse printed and collateral material, PR, and video production.

The diversity of the work we have created for EMP comes from the different target audiences that we intended to reach, This included promotional material for networking events to location video development and documentary. F5 is a proud sponsor of the elastic mind project and provides all the graphic and marketing material to the organization.

Merchant Processing Solutions

Bankcard Processing Company

Complete branding and collateral material developed for a bankcard processing company.

1. Web presence 2. Animated Video development 3. Magazine advertising 4. Business cards and stationery 5. Diverse promotional material 6. Print and media

Merchant processing solutions is a national bank card and credit card processing company, For MPS we developed a completely new image based on the original idea and logo but simplifying the elements and giving a fresh and contemporary look.

We also developed a series of videos including a short animated clip for promotional material and a variety of custom graphic and printed material Including multimedia presentations.

We are Energy

Annual event benefiting IREO

Complete branding and collateral material developed for an annual event benefiting the IREO (Intergovernmental Renewable energy Organization)

1. Web presence 2. Diverse marketing pieces 3. Magazine advertising 4. Social media banner 5. Logo development

We are energy was an event created with the intention of rising founds for the IREO (intergovernmental Renewable energy Organization).

F5 created and donated the entire graphic material and marketing for this event, including web development and the integration to purchase tickets via pay pal and make donations online. The entire graphic concept for this event was developed from scratch.

Orchids Beauty Salon and Day spa

Health and beauty

Complete branding and collateral material developed for a beauty salon and spa

1. Web presence 2. Brochure 3. Flyers and print media 4. Logo and stationery

For this contemporary beauty salon and spa we created a new image and logo using a rich palette of colors and solid forms that captures the essence of the client's favorite flower: the orchid.

We preserved the organic nature of the logo by choosing a handwritten font and by playing with the characters in order to integrate the flower with the font seamlessly.

Las Orquideas Restaurant

Food hospitality

Complete branding and collateral material developed for a Latin American Restaurant

1. Web presence 2. Online store and e commerce 3. Logo development 4. Frequent buyer discount card5. Bussiness cards and stationery 6. Menu design and brochures

Las Orquideas is a Latin american restaurant that features typical cuisine from Colombia and the caribbean. For this client we have developed a very colorful series of pieces that depict the feeling of the restaurant, from logos and brochures to web development we integrated the entire design concept around very vivid and colorful elements

A series of speciallity pieces were also developed, frequent buyer loyalty cards, event flyers and magazine advertisings among others were developed for this client.

Chirofit Florida

Health Chiropractic services

Complete branding and collateral material developed for a Chiropractic practice

1. Web presence with video speaker 2. Advertisement and printed 3. Business cards and stationary 4. Database integration

Chrofit is a group of medical professionals leaded by renowed chiropractor Emilio Bisanti. we have developed different type of pieces for chirofit, from business cards and informative brochures to a comprehensive website that offers complete information about the procedures and conditions.

For the homepage we used a clip of the doctor talking to the audience for a few seconds in order to generate a sense of trust and warmth. In this clip, Dr. Bisanti invite his viewers to browse the website giving a unique identity to the site.


Health Beauty

Complete branding and collateral material developed for a Nail care line of products.

1. Web presence with video speaker 2. Video integration 3. Product and packaging development

Balbpharm is a nail care system with a series of products designed to bu esed by beuty steticians, For Balbpharm we developed different 3D renderings of the products along with a dynamic web integration

We integrate each one of the modeled products in the website. The products were also used to develop promotional and collaterial advertising material. This website also includes a series of videos explaining the product and usage.

Vigilante associates

Industry: Construction / windows

Website developed for a industrial and contemporary window and door company. This website also includes an extensive picture gallery organized by projects developed by the company.

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Oysters XO

Industry: Hospitality /catering

This website developed for a high-end custom Oyster Catering business.We developed all the brand image including custom logo, web presence and the stationary package. The business cards are designed so the logo is visible when located on the fron of the apron

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Strauss Law Firm

Industry: Law office

Website developed for a comercial law firm, custom photography was created for this site .

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Merchant Processing Solutions

Bankcard Processing Company

We developed this website for a merchant processing and bank card company. We also produced a custom animated video as the main presentation for the home page.

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Teresa Paz

Industry: Real estate

Website created for realtor Teresa Paz, the page features a custom property search page designed to find a property that meets the client's parameters. Complete branding, logo and photography was developed for this project.

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Hodor and Hotchkiss

Real estate

This website was build for a luxury real estate company, for this project we developed the entire branding and image, photography, and a complex MLS integration database specifically for the client.

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Michael Dawkins Home

Industry: Interior design

This website was designed for Michael Dawkins home, an interior design firm based in New York, Mexico and Miami, we have created and extensive database of collection items and a full screen project portfolio.

Common Knoledge Scholarship Foundation

Non profit organization

Website developed for a non profit organization that awards scholarships based on common knoledge quizes.

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Sparkling Pools and Spa

Pool maintenance and design services

Website developed for a comercial and residential pool service company

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The Elastic Mind Project

Non profit organization

website developed for a non profit organization based in the U.S that offers educational programs based on science arts and technology for kids living in neglected neighborhoods.

Roberta Marroquin

Photography studio

website developed for a nail and hair care company, it features all the products and videos of the company

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JW Marriott

Hospitality / Hotels

For the JW Marriott Hotel in Brickell we developed a wide array of printed advertisement pieces. We handle all the montlhy advertisement pieces and also create on demant material for specific events.

Deli menu DesignMagazine / Flyer advertisementPromotional brochureAniversary piecesHoliday Flyers

Marriott Hotel Miami

Hospitality / Hotels

For the Marriott Hotel in Miami we have developed a wide array of printed advertisement pieces. We handle all the montlhy advertisement pieces and also create on demant material for specific events.

Special event rack cardsMagazine / Flyer advertisementBrochuresSpecial event Flyer

Vivaldino Restaurant

Food and restaurants

Vivaldino is a fine dining Peruvian restaurant, For them we designed a variety of printed materials, including different menu items: dinning menu, breakfast menu, wine list, and invitation cards.

Dining / wine menu design

Kluger & Kaplan

Law offices

Kluger & Kaplan ask us to create an animated holiday card along with a printed version. We were requested to use neutral elements resembling the holidays. For this job we used the logo to recreate a winter tree and animate it along with dynamic typography.

Holiday card design Animated holiday card Holiday stickers

Fercho's Cafe


Fercho's cafe is a fresh and healthy fast food chain. We developed the entire branding concept from logo, colors, interior design and menu design along with food developing consultation.

Logo designMenu designFood consultingInterior design

Tokyo sushi and Hibachi

Restaurant and food industry

For Tokyo sushi and hibachi, an upscale asian restaurant located in south florida we organized a photoshoot session in order to capture unique images of each dish to buid the graphic concept for the menu.

Las Orquideas Restaurant

Restaurant and food industry

Examples of several different marketing materials developed for las Orquideas Restaurant.Each piece was created as a part of a monthly campaing aimed to promote a specific product or special holiday.

Fit menu promotionSpeciality coffe stampHoliday promotion Father's day promotion

Capoeira Brazil Shanghai

Martial arts academy

Capoeira is a martial art from brazil, for this capoeira group we developed a visual identity and graphic advertising pieces for use in magazines and printed materials and also the official shirts for the team.