Non profit The Elastic Mind Project

Our social responsability, empowering children through art science and technology

The EMP was founded on the principle of ending the generational poverty cycle in a selected group of children, through the implementation of pragmatic educational and cultural  programs.
The Elastic Mind Project is a secular organization focused on a whole life philosophy combining science, technology, arts, meditation, empathy training and multi cultural programs.  This approach gives the children skills that will allow them to navigate the complex labyrinth out of the grip of generational poverty, and into a productive and positive role in society.  

F5 creative is proud to be the sister company for The Elastic Mind Project. F5 creative studio's co‐founders Fania Castro and Esteban Piza along with Mike Butler are the directors behind the EMP. F5 creative studio is the responsable for all the marketing and advertising material created for The Elastic Mind Project. Please click the logo below to know more about our organization and our programs.